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Poll: One in three Czechs support acceptance of war refugees

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Prague, June 7 (CTK) – More than one third of Czechs are for the acceptance of refugees coming from war-stricken areas, while 61 percent reject the acceptance of any refugees, according to an opinion poll released by the CVVM agency.
The number of people supporting the acceptance of refugees has slightly risen since the beginning of the year, the May poll showed.
The number of those interested in migration and those who consider the Czech Republic’s safety threatened by migration has declined.
Thirty-six percent of the respondents expressed agreement with the acceptance of refugees. Most of them would accept war refugees temporarily at least until they could return home.
The Czechs take a more favourable approach to immigrants from Ukraine, whose acceptance was supported by 37 percent of those polled.
Only 17 percent of Czechs support the acceptance of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, the poll showed.
In a January poll, the share of the positive and the negative answers was 31 and 65 percent, respectively.
The number of Czechs who consider refugees a security threat has declined by several percent to 77 percent since January, and people’s interest in the question of migration has declined as well.
The CVVM compared the attitudes of Czechs with those of Poles, 39 percent of whom would accept war refugees and 55 percent would not.
The CVVM conducted the poll on 1,015 people on May 2-16.

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