Prague, June 7 (CTK) – The Czechs assess the Culture Ministry best of all ministries, while the Interior Ministry got the worst mark, according to a CVVM poll conducted on 1019 citizens over 15 on May 8-18 and released today.

The Presidential Office and the Government Office came at the very end of the rankings.

The poll participants assessed ministries like at school, that is along the scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is the best.

The Culture Ministry got the average mark of 2.77. The Foreign Ministry in second position with the average mark of 2.84 improved most of all bodies since May 2016, when its result was 0.2 worse.

On the contrary, the Interior Ministry’s mark worsened the most, from 3.02 last year to 3.22 this year.

Citizens are not satisfied much with the Education Ministry either and they gave it the average mark of 3.17.

The Finance Ministry’s assessment was the most contradictory, CVVM said.

Compared with other ministries, it had the biggest share of both 1 and 5 marks. At the same time, it got the lowest number of marks 3, or the average assessment. The share of answers “I do not know” was the lowest of all ministries.

The Presidential Office got the mark 3.42, which was a 0.37 worse result than one year ago.

The Government Office’s average mark grew by 0.31 to 3.46, according to CVVM