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Military Intelligence to be in charge of cyber protection

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Prague, May 7 (CTK) – The tasks of the Military Intelligence (VZ) are to be extended with cyber protection of the country, according to a draft amendment to the law on the VZ which would allow the VZ to monitor and analyse electronic communication on networks and which has been released on the cabinet’s website.
However, the agents will not be allowed to monitor the content of communication of specific persons.
Cyber security is threatened by both criminal groups and hackers, and also hostile spies. The cyber space can also be used to wage war.
Experts say a successful attack on the country would cause far-reaching damage. That is why the theories of war speak about the cyber space as the fifth dimension of waging war in addition to the earth, air, water and outer space.
The task of the VZ “will be to signal certain precisely defined negative phenomena connected with the cyber space,” the government document says.
If the agents would want to monitor specific people, they would have to ask for a court permission like at present.
In case of an armed conflict in the cyber space, the VZ should be able to carry out military operations and support the military, and be also capable of launching a cyber attack.
The initial costs involved are put at 300 million crowns annually.
The Defence Ministry said a year ago that it will invest 500 million crowns in the defence against cyber attacks annually.
According to daily Pravo, the VZ is already building a centre from which it will be possible to monitor operation on the networks.
Computer security in the Czech Republic is supervised by the National Security Office (NBU).
(1=23.654 crowns)

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