Prague, June 8 (CTK) – The Czech Republic should create the necessary capacities with which to attack its enemy’s cyber infrastructure in the case of an online attack, Daniel Bagge, from the National Cyber Security Centre (NKCB), told journalists today.

The number of cyber attacks is growing and the situation will further worsen in the future, Bagge said.

He said the Czech Republic was technologically well prepared for the defence of its critical cyber infrastructure and the NCKB was trying to enhance the information in the civil service so that both individuals and institutions protect more the security of their systems.

“However, it is obvious from foreign experience that one has to take a step beyond the national border if we are attacked by a cyber actor,” Bagge said.

The Czech Republic should have the capacities to be able to attack and disarm a cyber infrastructure used by the assailant in the attack, he added.

Bagge said the security situation in the cyber space was worsening. There is a growing number of attacks as dangerous activities are acquiring e-form.

At the same time, the costs of an attack are falling and its organisers are more able to hire some hackers to infiltrate the systems or to commission the producers of malware, Bagge warned.

Bagge said the authorities should not consider it shameful if they are attacked and should not try to hush up such an incident.

“The attack must be dealt with. If this is swept under the carpet, perhaps for political reasons, we will be unable to warn other ministries and international partners,” Bagge said.