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New restrictions are introduced, again

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Less than a week after the easing of COVID-19 related measures, the government decides to re-evaluate some of them, once again. While the general tightening of the restrictions is not expected, the government did enforce new rules on restaurants and similar entities.

Despite the fact that the Czech Republic remains on the third level of PES, which allows restaurants, cafes, and other services to function normally until 10 pm, the government decided to shorten their serving time by two hours. According to the minister of Health, both customers and business owners are constantly violating the measures.

“It’s even about setting up the so-called heated tents by the windows. There are crowded bars, food and alcohol consumption in public and at Christmas markets, even if it conflicts with regulations,” said Blatný, reports.

From Wednesday, restaurants and serving windows must close at 8 pm. The minister added that this measure comes in reaction to the continuous abuse of regulations: as such, people kept violating the ban on the “on place” consumption of food and alcohol outside of the tents at Christmas markets. He explained how people were sold alcohol and then consumed it at markets.

The opposition stood against the decision. As such, Tomio Okamura, Member of Chamber of Deputies, told

“They can destroy small businesses and harm their employees. Freedom of establishment, freedom of expression, and also the proper management of the country are in danger.”

Several restaurant owners stated that they do not agree with this restriction and are planning to protest.

“On Wednesday, we will not close our brewery and restaurant at 20:00 and we will raise the Czech flag in protest,” said Jiří Janeček on behalf of one of the restaurants in Jince according to

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