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President Zeman is architect of hatred, NGOs say

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Prague, April 11 (CTK) – Czech President Milos Zeman is an architect of hatred that is poisoning society and he should act responsibly, five NGOs said in an open letter they released yesterday.
The letter, an analogy to the letter former president and Czechoslovak dissident Vaclav Havel wrote to Communist President Gustav Husak in 1975, was signed by the Prague Academic Club 48, the Edvard Benes Society, the Antonin Svehla Society, Mene Tekel and the Centre for Documentation of Totalitarian Regimes.
The signatories of the letter called on Zeman “to consider the extent of his historical responsibility and to act in accordance with it.”
As a top politician, Zeman is one of those deciding on the atmosphere in society, the letter said.
Zeman’s spokesman Jiri Ovcacek said this was a continuation of an anti-Zeman campaign.
Zeman unites society and is enjoying a high public approval rating, he added.
“Such events as your speech in Prague-Albertov on November 17 and your recent statements at meetings with the public have unfortunately convinced us that you not only foment hatred, but that you are its deliberate architect,” they added.
On the anniversary of the overthrow of the Communist regime on November 17, 2015 Zeman was on the same rostrum along with Martin Konvicka, head of the Bloc Against Islam, now facing charges of inciting for hatred.
“The signs of the current crisis are more and more frequent. The rallies accusing the leading politicians of treason are becoming a normal part of the public space, the aggressiveness is escalating,” the letter said.
Czech society is totally divided because some people are afraid of the threats published in the media, it added.
The fear of the unknown is being turned into hatred that is infiltrating society. the letter said.
In such time, servile people without scruples can see their opportunity. They are most visible in Zeman’s immediate environment, the letter said.

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