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Czechs holding anti-terrorism training in nuclear plant

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Temelin, South Bohemia, April 11 (CTK) – The military and police were training defence against a simulated attack of a plane and lorry on a nuclear power plant within the Safeguard Temelin 2017 exercise in the Czech Temelin nuclear power plant today, Temelin spokesman Marek Svitak has told CTK.

Some 200 police, soldiers and specialists from the CEZ national power company took part in the four-day exercise, Svitak said.

The military said the December lorry attack in Berlin was the topic of the exercise that will end on Wednesday.

“With the training, we reacted to what is urgent in the world now,” Temelin’s director Bohdan Zronek told CTK.

The soldiers and police trained an action against a lorry that tried to break through the barriers.

There was shooting and a bomb disposal expert was also called in.

A total of 80 soldiers were deployed in the exercise. They formed two checkpoints.

“The topic was chosen under the influence of the attack in Berlin in January,” Alois Urban, director of the Regional Military Command, told CTK.

“We were asked to react to the threat. We invented three simulated terrorist attacks. After the Berlin attack, there were those in London by a car, in St Petersburg in the metro and the latest in Stockholm,” Urban said.

The action against a small L-410 transport plane was tried by the soldiers from an anti-aircraft regiment.

They used the equipment for the firing of missiles and a radar that intercepts air targets.

“If there is national interest, we are ready to intervene in a place within 48 hours. Here, this is the question of a few minutes when we are ready to intervene,” a commander told CTK.

Fighter planes from Caslav, east Bohemia, are permanently on alert for the defence of Temelin.”After the fighters take off, they are here in a few minutes’ time and they are also able to intervene from a distance,” Svitak said.

Temelin repeats the exercise once in two years.


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