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Právo: Wedding rings no longer trendy for Czech couples

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Prague, Oct 12 (CTK) – Wedding rings are no longer trendy in the Czech Republic where couples in love who want to get married often replace them with other jewels, watches or even a tattoo, daily Pravo writes yesterday.
Sometimes, they just try to be original, but such an alternative choice can also have practical reasons, the paper writes citing an example.
A young couple recently wanted to buy a wedding ring only for the woman since the man could not wear rings for safety reasons in his manual profession, and he chose a watch eventually, Jitka Mlynarcikova, from a Prague goldsmith’s shop, told Pravo.
They agreed on their initials being engraved on the inner side of the ring and the watch. During the wedding ceremony, the bridegroom will place the ring on the bride’s finger, while she will fix the watch on his wrist, she added.
However, the watch cost almost 30,000 crowns, while about half the price was spent on the ring. To compensate his future wife, the man bought her a pearl bracelet as well, Mlynarcikova said.
Moreover, engaged couples like to decorate their ring fingers with a tattoo or piercing instead of a wedding ring more and more frequently.
The most popular motive is a heart and many people also want to have a simple black ring tattooed on their fingers, Michal Burda, owner of a famous tattoo studio in Prague, told the paper.
Wedding tattoos are sought mainly by people who have already been tattooed, he added.
To buy a tattoo is relatively cheap now, but it is costly and quite painful to remove it by laser if the relationship fails, Pravo adds.
“People most often want to have the tattooed name of their former partner removed from a shoulder, finger or wrist. Unfortunately, sometimes the motive cannot be eliminated at all,” dermatologist Karolina Kykalova said.
Consequently, the traditional wedding ring is likely to remain the most frequent choice of engaged couples for long, Pravo writes.
($1=24.387 crowns)

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