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MfD: Politician displays anti-immigrant billboards

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Prague, Nov 11 (CTK) – Jaromir Dusek, deputy to the Pardubice regional governor, east Bohemia, and a former trade union boss, has spread billboards with pictures of refugees and slogans “No to Illegals Immigrants” and “No One Has Invited You Here” all over the region, Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes yesterday.
Dusek claims that the billboards are not part of his starting campaign ahead of the regional elections to be held next autumn, in which he intends to run, MfD adds.
“I only point out that if refugees have illegally crossed three countries and ended up in our country, they cannot be here legally,” Dusek told MfD.
He represents the Party of Citizens Rights (SPO) at the regional office. The preferences of the SPO, established by supporters of President Milos Zeman, have long been under the 5-percent parliamentary threshold.
Dusek´s fellow party member Miloslav Sousek dismissed the view that the billboards were the expression of political populism to attract new voters to the party whose popularity was declining, MfD writes.
“This is not a crisis but a war. And this is why it should not be an issue for an election campaign, but for the whole society,” Sousek said about the current migrant wave.
However, Dusek was not able to clearly explain the purpose of his billboard campaign in Pardubice and other towns.
“I want to express my opinion about what is happening here and show whom I support,” he told MfD.
Yet Dusek is being discussed as a possible regional election leader and a candidate for regional governor in the 2016 polls, MfD says.
Dusek did not rule out a possibility to run in the Senate election next year as well, MfD says.
Political scientist Lubomir Kopecek, from Brno´d Masaryk University, says the refugee crisis has become a more and more popular topic for politicians.
“Even mainstream parties are using this, refugees are being blamed for a lot of things now,” Kopecky said.

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