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Právo: Number of uncovered illegal migrants rising in ČR

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Prague, Dec 10 (CTK) – The number of foreigners illegally staying in the Czech Republic uncovered by the police rose by almost 80 percent last year, daily Pravo writes Saturday, quoting from an annual report compiled by Interior Minister Milan Chovanec (Prague, CSSD) and sent to parliament.
“These are mostly the people from Syria, Ukraine and Kuwait. In 2015, 8,563 persons were found within illegal migration,” the report said.
“Although the developments in the past years have shown that for many foreigners, the Czech Republic has become the country of their destination, it is still widely used by foreigners for illegal migration to other European countries,” it added.
“Compared with 2014, there was a growth by 3,741 persons or 77.6 percent. Out of the number, 240 persons were found when trying to illegally get across the Czech Republic’s Schengen border and 8,323 during their illegal stay in the Czech Republic,” the report said.
Last year alone, the police uncovered more than 2,500 persons from Arab countries with illegally stay here.
“When it comes to the illegal stay, most of the persons were from Syria (2,016), followed by Ukraine (1,224) and Kuwait (588),” the report said.
The report also brings the data on the people who were expelled by the Czech Republic, but who returned to it, Pravo writes.
“In connection with illegal migration, 582 people were repeatedly found. These are mostly foreigners from Ukraine (152), followed by Kuwait (107) and Saudi Arabia (55),” the report said.
Some of them were detained while they had several travelling documents with them, it added.
However, the total number of detained persons with illegal stay was one half lower than in 2005, when the police caught 16,000 illegal migrants, Pravo writes.
By three years, the figure slumped to the mere 2,000 detained, it adds.
In 2014, over 4,000 illegal migrants were detained and last year, more than 8,000, it adds.
The foreigner police conducted more than 250,000 checks of illegal stay in 2015.
In 2015, there was also a rapid rise in the number of the persons on whom the decision on expulsion was made. This most often related to Ukrainians, Pravo writes.
Foreigners make up 7 percent of perpetrators of uncovered crime. They are mostly from Slovakia, Ukraine and Vietnam, the report said.
The report will be on the agenda of the Chamber of Deputies session, Pravo writes.

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