Prague, Sept 14 (CTK) – The Czech Republic has raised the number of police deployed along the border with Austria with 200 after Germany introduced checks along its border with Austria and more migrants may try to get to Germany via the Czech Republic, Katerina Rendlova told CTK yesterday.
The reinforcements have been deployed at three railway’ stations and 11 road points, Rendlova, foreigner police spokeswoman, said, but would not elaborate.
Since Sunday evening, when Germany announced its step, the Czech Republic has not registered any increased migration wave across its territory. The police in south Moravia, which borders on Austria, detained 13 refugees coming from Syria and nine from Afghanistan yesterday, Rendlova said.
The number remains similar to that in the past days. The day was calm in this respect, she added.
During the whole weekend, 51 migrants were detained and there were 76 of them last week. The number markedly decreased compared with the last but one week when 519 migrants were detained. A big contribution to this figure was made by a 200-member group of migrants who arrived in the Czech Republic from Hungary in the night of September 1.
Rendlova said the numbers of police reinforcements will probably be gradually changed, depending on whether the migrants from Austria will really go on to Germany via the Czech Republic and on how many of them there will be.
She said the migrants will probably use cars rather than trains, or they will go on foot.
However, people smugglers have avoided the Czech Republic until now, acting on the experience that the Czech police are able to detain and accuse them, Rendlova said.
Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec (Social Democrats, CSSD) will defend his country’s negative stance on proposals to spread asylum applicants across the Union at a meeting with his EU counterparts in Brussels yesterday.