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Selling drugs became a side-job for a Czech officer

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The General Inspectorate of Security Forces (GIBS) detained a police officer in Prague who sold cocaine and meth as a side-job.

The police officer was purchasing drugs for personal use and for sale to his acquaintances. He now faces up to five years in prison. His supplier, as it turned out, had an accomplice in Spain and a courier who transferred drugs to the Czech Republic.

Security forces in action (Source: Tydenik Policie)

“GIBS inspectors subsequently found out that its supplier, as the main organizer of this crime, obtained drugs through contacts operating in Spain, specifically through a Czech who resided in Spain. Another man then acted as a courier,” said Ivana Nguyenová, spokeswoman for the General Inspectorate of Security Forces, according to

The man bought drugs from his supplier in the period of Feburary-November at least 360 times, re-selling them at least 26 times. He charged around 2200-2500 CZK for each gram. Even though the exact number of his earnings is not clear, it can be as much as 65000 CZK.

During the search of his house, the police found 450 grams of meth and 170 grams of cocaine. Additional 70 thousand EUR and 850 thousand CZK in cash were seized from the officer.

“The trip of the main organizer to his accomplice to Spain was mapped in order to arrange a deal. Immediately after their joint arrival in the Czech Republic, they were detained on the 5th December, “said Ivana Nguyenová, according to

All of the three men were detained and are now facing up to 18 years in prison as an organized crime group if found guilty of illicit manufacturing.

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