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Poll: Most Czechs say man should support family, woman should cook

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Prague, March 15 (CTK) – Two thirds of Czechs are of the view that it is up to the man to financially support the household while the woman should prepare meals, according to a public opinion poll released by the CVVM agency yesterday.
Eighty-five percent of those polled said the man should do routine repairs in the household.
A half said cleaning is the woman’s task.
The number of Czechs who say the care of family should be evenly divided between the couple, has slightly increased since the recent similar poll.
Over 40 percent of the respondents said the woman should buy food, while 55 percent said this is up to both partners.
Sixty percent of the respondents said they believe that both parents should care for children, while 39 percent said only the mother should do so, and one percent ascribes the task to the father.
Nine in ten Czechs believe that both partners can devote time to their hobbies, the poll showed.
Four quarters believe that both partners can show initiative in intimate life.
Sixty percent say both partners should supervise the family budget, while almost 25 percent say the budget should be supervised by the man, the poll showed.
Two fifths of Czechs believe that public posts should be exercised by the man, and only 10 percent said this about women.
Three fifths believe that both partners should pursue their professional career. One in three Czechs believe that career should be sought by the man only, and 4 percent said it should be done by the woman.
Female respondents more often said that various activities should be pursued by both partners.
Male respondents, for their part, tend to “leave” tasks such as shopping, cleaning, care for children and the initiative in intimate life to women, while they ascribe more education, hobbies and household repairs to themselves.
No marked differences between the male and female respondents appeared in their responses concerning the financial support of the household and the supervision of the family budget.
According to experts in gender issues, the Czech society is conservative in assessing the role of the man and woman. People tend to ascribe the care for the family to women and the career and money earning to men.

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