Prague, Aug 15 (CTK) – The Czech police started to prosecute 7264 foreigners in 2015, which was 121 fewer than in 2014, while Slovaks constituted the strongest group (2789), according to a report on migration the government will debate in the weeks to come.
The foreigners are prosecuted most often for riding under the influence of alcohol and drugs, theft and economic crime.
Last year, a total of 101,883 people were prosecuted in the Czech Republic, with the foreigners constituting 7.1 percent.
“The total numbers of prosecuted foreigners have stabilised in the past six years and crossed the 7000 mark annually,” according to documents by the Interior Ministry which CTK has at its disposal.
The police prosecuted the biggest numbers of foreigners in 2007-09, when the number of accused person crossed the 8000 mark annually.
The second strongest group of prosecuted foreigners last year were Ukrainians (1055), followed by citizens of Vietnam, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.
The numbers of prosecuted persons from these countries ranged between 217 and 620.
Property crime was committed by 1628 foreigners, economic crime by 1236 foreigners and 938 foreigners were accused of causing a threat under the influence of an addictive substance and drunkenness last year, according to the report.
The number of foreigners prosecuted for violent crime, most often causing bodily harm, robbery and making dangerous threats, rose by 11 to the total of 855 last year.
Foreigners were responsible for 17 out of the total of 155 murders committed in the country last year.
The crime rate dropped by 14.2 percent to 247,628 crimes in the country year-on-year last year. This was a second yearly slump in a row.
The crime rate also declined by 11.3 percent year-on-year to 115,314 in the first six months of the year.