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Foreign police detain 152 refugees during weekend

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Prague, Aug 17 (CTK) – The foreigner police detained 152 refugees, including 22 women and 44 children, in the Czech Republic at the weekend, while their groups are more numerous and there are more women and children among them, foreigner police spokeswoman Katerina Rendlova told CTK yesterday.
Previously, smaller groups were detained, but now they have 30-50 displaced people, Rendlova said.
In mid-June, the police introduced stricter immigration checks.
The number of the detained immigrants has surged to 1,519 since then.
“Last week, the police uncovered 314 of them, with the daily average having increased to 44,” Rendlova said.
At the beginning of the stricter checks, the police were mostly uncovering five to eight-member groups of refugees, she added.
At present, they are also detaining much larger groups whose composition has changed as well, Rendlova said.
“At the beginning, when the measures were implemented, almost solely men were moving across the Czech Republic, while now women and a large number of children are commonly in the groups,” she added.
There are also cases of women only travelling with children, but without men.
In all, 3,018 immigrants were uncovered in the first six months of the year, almost a half more than a year ago.

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