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Czech Republic closes borders; number of cases rises

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Starting on Friday, 18th December, the Czech Republic closes its borders for foreign tourists. On the same day, the country will return to the fourth level of PES and new restrictions will apply according to the Ministry of Health.

As of Friday, tourists can no longer freely enter the Czech Republic according to the Ministry of the Interior. Furthermore, since the freedom of movement is also restricted, one will be not be allowed to arrive to visit friends. Special exceptions apply in case of travelling for the purposes of work, getting treatment or carrying out business activities. A full list of conditions can be found here.

An exception is also made for ski resorts. According to, tourists can arrive there with a negative COVID-19 test. Yet, their stay will most likely be limited to a single day because hotels are banned from hosting guests.

Previously passed measures, which still apply, can be found here.

On Tuesday, there was the highest number of new COVID-19 cases registered since November 11th. The Ministry of Health published that there were 7, 889 confirmed cases on Tuesday. The number of tests performed was 29, 566 – about three thousand more than last Tuesday, when 26, 179 tests were performed and 5, 852 cases were confirmed.

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