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South Moravia Region preparing for refugee influx

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Brno, Aug 18 (CTK) – The South Moravia Region is preparing for an influx of migrants, checking the capacity of hospitals and social facilities and looking for potential refugee detention centres, its governor Michal Hasek told reporters after a meeting of the Regional Security Council yesterday.
Hasek (senior government Social Democrats, CSSD) pointed out that the number of refugees, mainly from the Middle East and Africa, increased in the Czech Republic in the past few months.
In South Moravia alone, the police have detained about 850 refugees this year, which is four times more than last year.
Part of them have been placed in an Interior Ministry facility in Zastavka near Brno, south Moravia.
“South Moravia is an entrance gate for refugees to the Czech Republic. This is why we must be prepared for their influx though we do not know when it may occur,” Hasek said.
He said the police had already reacted to the increased number of migrants in the region as far as he was informed.
The measures would not weaken the everyday field service of the police, he added.
He said the worst scenarios count with the deployment of soldiers in the region to keep order over the refugees.
The Interior Ministry is looking for suitable buildings to be used as refugee detention centres in southern Moravia, Hasek said without elaborating.
“Possible centres will be established only after a discussion with self-rule authorities and citizens living in these localities,” he added.
The Regional Security Council also discussed a possible integration of foreigners.
Syrians prevail among the refugees detained in southern Moravia.
The whole Europe faces a strong wave of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa these months.
Several demonstrations against migrants and in support of them have been staged in the Czech Republic.

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