Prague, Sept 17 (CTK) – The introduction of border controls Germany has introduced on the A17 motorway from the Czech Republic to Dresden is another temporary measure taken in reaction to the failure to protect the external Schengen border, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said yesterday.
Germany has justified its step by fears of the growing numbers of people smugglers in consequence of the situation in Hungary and Serbia.
“I perceive the security measures the German police have introduced on the A17 motorway in the direction of Dresden a continuation of the temporary policy in reaction to the unending migration crisis and the failure to consistently protect the Schengen external frontier,” Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) told CTK.
He repeated his opinion that it is necessary for the member countries to start as soon as possible to jointly take steps aimed to solve the migration crisis, including the protection of the external border.
“The sooner we start controlling the external frontier of the EU and regulate the migration flow along it, the sooner it will be possible to terminate these emergency solutions inside Europe,” Sobotka said.
A17 is continuation of the Czech motorway D8 on the German side of the border. The motorways form one of the main road connections between the two countries.