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MfD: More female Czech students earn money as prostitutes

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Prague, June 18 (CTK) – The number of Czech girls studying at university who earn money by providing sexual services is growing and about one fourth of Czech women who work in the sex business are university students, daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes yesterday.
According to a survey conducted on 985 female students, 28 percent of them experienced paid sex or sex for gifts, work for sex lines or erotic chats, the job of an escort or erotic masseur. However, this number includes also girls who admitted that they have a sexual partner with whom they meet only because they get gifts and have other advantages, the paper writes.
The survey was carried out by the Bliss without Risk group that provides support to female sex workers.
“Part of the girls are from poorer families and they want to compete with girls from richer families, have money for parties, drinks and entertainment and the common temporary jobs are mostly paid badly,” Bliss without Risk head Hana Malinova said.
But the high incomes lower the motivation of these girls to study and many of them quit their study, she said.
A university student of education using the nickname Vanessa works in a Prague night club and sometimes she makes porn films. “I earned seven thousand crowns for 25 minutes of filming and making pictures. It was anonymous, I had an eye mask. In a supermarket I would would have to work a full month to earn this. Honestly, the financial motivation is great,” Vanessa said.
Another girl, nicknamed Naomi, terminated her law study last semester and started making erotic massages in Hradec Kralove, east Bohemia.
Naomi, 23, said she can make more money than both of her parents, adding that she earns about 20,000 crowns a week.
Many Czech university students go abroad to work in the sex business. High and quick earnings in Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Sweden or even the United Arab Emirates attract more and more of the girls. The girls can earn up to 100,000 crowns in a week.
It is not known how many Czech students worked as prostitutes abroad because only a small number of them contact groups such as Bliss without Risk, usually if they need a confirmation from a doctor about their good health or if they seek advice and admit that they are prostitutes. owever, the group’s data show that their number is growing.
“The girls who go abroad to make money once or twice consider themselves rather high-class escorts and they feel no need to seek our services,” the group’s executive director Lucie Sidova said.
There is a lot of advertising offering the work of a prostitute in a club abroad to Czech university students, while in the past the ads offered the job of escorts.
Mr Marek, from an agency that arranges this work to students in Ireland and Britain, said many clients seek intelligent girls with whom they can go to social events and these clients are willing to pay more for it.
Marek said several Czech students show interest in the work every week. “Most of them travel abroad about three times a year. In England, for example, they can earn up to 4000 crowns per hour,” he said.
The girls give the agency about one fourth of their income.
Sexologist Petr Weiss said approximately 3 percent of Czech women are ready to accept paid sex. “The only motivation is always money,” he said.
Weiss said he had only one patient who started working in a brothel because she suffered from hypersexuality and needed to have many orgasms.
Naomi told MfD that she started doing the job by chance. She was searching for a part-time employment, but found only offers of jobs of a cleaner or assitant in a supermarket for low pay. “I saw an ad offering a discreet extra income. It was clear what it is about, but I went to the audition anyway,” Naomi said.
She said she did not tell about her job to any of her friends because they would not accept it and that she would like to have a normal family in future.
The erotic massages she offers culminate in the man’s ejaculation, the client can touch the masseur but no sexual intercourse is allowed. Naomi said she felt nervous at first, but now does not mind it as it involved only caressing.
Naomi expects that she would move her limits still a little further because she could make even more money by classical sex, the paper writes. At the same time, she plans to resume her study in the autumn.
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