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Poll: Czechs most satisfied with state of environment in 15 years

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Prague, June 19 (CTK) – People in the Czech Republic are the most satisfied with the state of the environment in the past 15 years, 72 percent being satisfied with its state across the country and 79 percent with the situation in their home town or district, according to a CVVM poll released to CTK today.

The state of the environment across the country and in the home town was assessed as poor by about 25 percent and 20 percent of the respondents, respectively.

People’s satisfaction in this respect is the highest since 2002 when the CVVM agency started monitoring it.

The gap between people’s positive assessment of the environment in their home towns and the whole Czech Republic is the narrowest now in the poll’s history.

People assessed the state of the environment in the country as the worst in 2002 when only 40 percent voiced satisfaction with it. Their satisfaction with the situation in the home town was the lowest (66 percent positive answers) in 2010.

People’s satisfaction with the state of the environment has been rising together with their living standards.

“Generally, big towns’ inhabitants tend to be more dissatisfied. In terms of regions, dissatisfaction has been shown mainly by the inhabitants of Prague and the [most industrial] regions of Moravia-Silesia and Usti (north Bohemia),” the pollsters said.

Similarly, the interest in environment-related information rises together with people’s education and it is lower among those who consider their living standard low.

In the poll conducted in May, interest in such information was shown by 52 percent of people, while 47 percent of those polled said they are not interested in it.

The level of people’s interest is the lowest since 2006 when the pollsters asked the question for the first time.

Last year, 57 percent and 41 percent expressed interest and indifference in this respect, the CVVM said.

Asked in detail about their home town, most respondents (85 percent) voiced satisfaction with the drinking water quality.

Access to wild nature followed with 83 percent and the cleanness of surrounding nature with 81 percent.

Two thirds of Czechs assess the cleanness of the air positively, and one in six praise the cleanness of surface water and the noise level, the poll showed.

People’s dissatisfaction only prevails in the case of road traffic density, which 61 percent assess negatively and 38 percent positively.

The CVVM conducted the poll on 1,019 people on May 8-18.

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