Prague, Dec 20 (CTK) – The Prague Municipal Court sentenced a man, David Virgulak, to life imprisonment for the murder of three Prague taxi drivers yesterday, saying he killed the people in order to gain money for drugs, but he rejects any wrongdoing and he appealed on the spot.
The first taxi driver was killed in January 2014, the two others during one night in April of the same year.
Virgulak always stopped a taxi and had himself taken to a remote place, where he shot the driver dead and robbed him. He always returned to Prague centre with the car and parked it there.
The major evidence against Virgulak were his odour traces in the murdered taxi drivers’ cars. Virgulak’s defence lawyer said the traces were not taken according to the rules.
The judge said the police did not make any mistake. “We completely ruled out the possibility that they might have been manipulated,” she said.
In addition to the odour traces, the murders are connected by the used arms, which the police did not find, however.
The judge said experts determined the calibre and type of the arms. They correspond to the weapon which Virgulak described when he blabbed to the police.
She said the testimonies by fellow prisoners were another essential evidence. Virgulak’s younger brother, Petr, allegedly told them about the murders.
The judge said further suspicious circumstances were the purse which Virgulak had on and the fact that he had a lot of money at the time of murders which he could not have gained in any other way but in robberies.
The police were wiretapping the prisoners at the time.