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Czech News in English » News » National » Muslim woman faces verbal abuse in Czech supermarket

Muslim woman faces verbal abuse in Czech supermarket

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Brno, June 21 (CTK) – A young Muslim woman of Czech origin was verbally attacked by a man in a supermarket in Brno on Saturday, police spokesman Pavel Svab has told CTK, adding that the attacker also tried to rip off the scarf the woman was wearing on her head.
After other visitors to the supermarket supported the woman, the attacker left. No one was injured.
The police are investigating the incident, Svab said.
Muneeb Alrawi, who heads the Center of Muslim Communities in the Czech Republic, said the attacker shouted at the woman to return where she came from.
In reaction to her verbal defence, made in flawless Czech, he threatened to cut off her head.
The woman feared that he might wait and attack her outside the supermarket, which is why she called in police, Alrawi said.
He said this is another of many incidents resulting from hateful campaigns against Muslims and migrants.
“[The Czech society tends to] believe that every Muslim is a migrant and every migrant is a Muslim,” Alrawi told CTK.
Several hundreds of Muslims live in Brno, the Moravian capital with 500,000 inhabitants, according to available information.
The first Czech mosque has been open in Brno since 1998.
On Friday, radicals from the Workers’ Youth ultra-right grouping plan to demonstrate in Brno against the wave of migrants heading for Europe.
Simultaneously a meeting in support of refugees is to be held elsewhere in Brno.

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