Brno, July 21 (CTK) – Czech police are dealing with an extensive case of extortion involving 500 married men who reacted to an Internet advertisement offering sexual games and ended up blackmailed by the advertiser, Stanislav Kovarnik, head of the south Moravian police cyber crime section, told CTK yesterday.
The offender might have caused damage worth up to 7.5 million crowns. His identity is unknown, Kovarnik said.
Before the summer holidays, the offender established a woman’s profile on dating servers including an advertisement saying that a married woman seeks a married man for sexual games.
After a few contact e-mails the bidders exchanged with the advertiser, they received an e-mail in which the blackmailer demanded 15,000 crowns from them otherwise their wife or partner would be told everything.
“Based on the information from the dating servers, we know that some 500 people reacted to the advertisement. About 200 people have reported to the police so far,” Kovarnik said.
None of the 200 have confessed to having paid the sum demanded by the blackmailer, but in fact the question is how many of them have paid it, Kovarnik said.
The fraudulent advertisement was responded by men from all over the Czech Republic.
The first “victim” was registered in Brno, which is why the blackmail case has been investigated by the South Moravian Police, Kovarnik said and called on all further victims to report to the police.
($1=24.532 crowns)