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Prague customs officers uncover over 30 kilos of marihuana

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Prague, Dec 22 (CTK) – Customs officers uncovered over 30 kilograms of marihuana at the Prague 4 customs office last Wednesday, customs authority spokeswoman Ivana Kurkova told journalists yesterday.
A man, 60, had the drug in aluminum sachets, ready for immediate distribution, Kurkova said.
The customs officers singled out a Mercedes-Benz car for a random cheque.
“Right at the beginning, the driver said he did not own the car, that he borrowed it from a friend of his and that he was only driving it to reach his disabled vehicle,” Kurkova said.
The customs officers’ attention was attracted by three large bast bags on the rear seats. In the subsequent check of the boot, another bag was found.
Taken together, they contained 33 kilograms of marihuana, Kurkova said.
Due to its characteristic aroma, they were enveloped in the aluminum sachets, she added.
The case was passed to the police.

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