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Government approves strategic climate protection policy

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Prague, June 22 (CTK) – The Czech government approved yesterday the strategic Climate Protection Policy document needed for the country to contribute to the international effort to keep temperature growth at maximally two degrees Celsius by the end of the century.
But environmentalists criticise the document for entirely failing in the financial aid to poor developing countries.
The document sets a new climate protection strategy until 2030 and a plan of development of a low-carbon economy until 2050. It focuses on measures to cut down greenhouse gases and adaptation to climate change.
The Environment Ministry, which presented the document, wants to annually raise money for foreign development cooperation by 115 million crowns until 2030.
“The Environment Ministry’s proposal is feasible, it moves along the border of what the budget can do,” Pavel Zamylicky, director of the energy and climate protection department at the ministry, told CTK.
By now, the Czech Republic has contributed 170 million crowns annually to foreign development cooperation.
Some environmental organisations say this is not sufficient, however.
“At the request of the Finance Ministry, the sum is only set as an estimate, which means that the state will not be obliged to fulfil it,” they said in a press release yesterday.
Otherwise, they welcome the document which they say the country needs.
The document briefly speaks about the economic aspects of the climate change. It mentions the need to pass an anti-fossil bill, to introduce smart solutions in towns and villages, to use renewable energy sources, to intensify afforestation and to buy alternative fuel vehicles.
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