Prague, June 22 (CTK) – The “Confessional” new web application enables people “to redeem themselves from their sins” by paying to charity, its author, Czech actor Jiri Madl, whose company has launched it, has told reporters.

“Sinners” can buy their “indulgences” for lying, traffic offences, drinking alcohol or extra-marital sex in the programme on their computers, tablets or smart phones. The money will be spent in support of the disabled, elderly and children, Madl said.

The aim of the application is to draw young people to donorship through an entertaining form and teach them to donate money to beneficial charity projects regularly, he said.

Czechs rank among the most generous donors, according to representatives of humanitarian and charity organisations.

A natural disaster in any part of the world always provokes an immense wave of solidarity in the Czech Republic. However, the public and medial attention paid to it gradually fades away. Humanitarian organisations’ workers point out that people in the disaster-hit and other localities need long-lasting support.

Madl, who supports several charity projects, thought up the Confessional application a year ago when he was moderating an event where a traffic application was awarded.

“Since I wanted to be at least a bit amusing, I said artists had another problem. When they return from a gig, they are burdened with sins. They need to come home pure. This is why I invented such an application,” Madl said.

People can choose a sin that burdens them in the application and then be clicking to achieve their “absolution” and learn the recommended sum they should pay for “redemption.” They can modify the sum naturally. Then they pay by card like in an e-shop, while the money goes to a selected charity project.

The application has been working on the Internet and it is to be available on smart phones within three weeks.

Charity organisations can apply for participation in it.

A spot on the Internet will highlight the project. It will be screened in cinemas as well.

Charity organisations in the Czech Republic more and more often try to attract donors by original fund-raising campaigns and applications.

They offer special gifts and experiences for financial contributions, such as items of celebrities and participation in film shooting. One charity e-shop, for instance, enables people to buy a goat for small peasants in poor countries.