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Czech News in English » News » National » Police catch bomb hoax caller in Czech ski resort

Police catch bomb hoax caller in Czech ski resort

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Jesenik, North Moravia, Jan 23 (CTK) – The Czech police have found the author of an anonymous call saying that six bombs were planted in the Ostruzna ski resort, due to which 300 people had to be evacuated from there on Sunday, police spokeswoman Tereza Neubauerova told CTK yesterday.
The detectives have collected the evidence proving the criminal conduct of the suspect, Neubauerova said.
Due to the call, the police had to search through the ski area on Sunday, but they did not found any bomb.
They had to check several kilometres of downhill courses and a number of buildings. The police action involved 25 police, including a dog handler with specially trained sniffer dogs who are able to find explosives, ten firefighters and two members of the Mountain Rescue Service.
“In a very short time, the detectives were able to find the person behind the call,” Neubauerova said.
“It is clear already that this was no part of a turf fight between the ski resorts operators, but the conduct of an unhappy person from a different Czech region, with no relationship to the ski resort,” Neubauerova said.
The detectives have found the necessary evidence. If convicted, the person may be given up to a five-year prison term for scare-mongering.

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