Prague, July 23 (CTK) – Road accidents in the Czech Republic have claimed record 10 lives by the early afternoon of Thursday, including the three victims who died in a crash of a van and a lorry in north Bohemia, and another three killed when a van collided with a motorbike and a car in central Bohemia.
This is the highest daily number of victims this year.
Three men died in the crash involving a van and a lorry near Prunerov in the vicinity of Chomutov in the morning.
A van with three men, driving from Karlovy Vary, unexpectedly turned in the opposite direction where it collided with a lorry with a semitrailer.
“Three men from the van, aged 39, 40 and 43 years, suffered fatal injuries and they died on the spot. A helicopter transported the lorry driver with serious injuries to a hospital in Usti nad Labem [north Bohemia],” local police spokesperson told the media.
The other crash involving three victims occurred near Spomysl, north of Prague, early in the afternoon.
“The driver of a Ford car most probably entered the opposite direction lane where his car crashed into a Ford Focus and a motorbike. The van and motorbike drivers succumbed to fatal injuries on the spot.
Another motorbike driver, aged 50, died after crashing into a Polish lorry that was making an U-turn on a road in the Karvina area, north Moravia, in the morning.
A further motorbike driver among yesterday’s victims is a 40-year-old man whom a car knocked down in Bzenec, south Moravia, early in the morning and who later died in a hospital.
The motor bike drivers were probably not at fault of any of the three accidents that were fatal for them.
Two foreigners, probably a holidaying Dutch couple, judging by their equipment, died in a crash of their car and a lorry near Protivin, south Bohemia, around 13:00.
The car seems not to have given way to the lorry coming along the main street, regional police spokesman Miroslav Doubek told CTK.
The victims are a 53-year-old female driver and a 44-year-old man. The only survivor of the tragedy is a dog that was travelling on a back seat, Doubek said.
Before, the day with the highest number of road accidents victims this year was Sunday, March 22, when eight people died on Czech roads.