Prague, April 25 (CTK) – Arabs are highly unpopular in the Czech Republic, but the aversion to them stopped growing this year, unlike in the past three years, according to the latest CVVM poll whose results were released yesterday.

In 2014-2016, the relation to Arabs kept markedly worsening among Czechs. Forty-one percent of Czechs said they disliked Arabs very much, compared with 23 percent who shared this view in 2014.

Otherwise, the relations to ethnic groups have remained more or less unchanged among Czechs in the recent years, the pollsters say.

Most Czechs dislike Albanians (54 percent), Arabs (75 percent) and Romanies (76 percent). Only a small part of them (4-6 percent) like these three ethnic groups, the poll showed.

The bad relations to Romanies, Ukrainians, Arabs, Albanians, Romanians, Russians and Bulgarians are connected with migration, employment, crime and illegal stay in the country, CVVM writes.

Czechs traditionally like Slovaks most of all (80 percent like them, while 3 percent do not).

Popular ethnic groups are also the Poles (48 percent/15 percent), Greeks (37/16), Germans (34/23), the Vietnamese (32/26), Hungarians (29/18), Jews (28/17) and Bulgarians (26/19).

However, the poll showed that Czechs like themselves the most (82/3), as usual.

Slovaks, Poles, Germans and Hungarians are popular among Czechs also thanks to their Central European origin, neighbourly relations or a joint past.

As for Russians, Serbs, Ukrainians and the Chinese, Czechs more often dislike than like these groups, but the biggest part of Czechs takes a neutral stance on them.

Jews, Greeks, Serbs, the Vietnamese and the Chinese are popular because of their integration into society but at the same time unpopular due to their difference.

The poll was conducted on 1,045 people aged over 15 on March 6-19, 2017.