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List of Czech town’s Muslim entrepreneurs appears on Internet

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Teplice, North Bohemia, Oct 25 (CTK) – The Czech Organisation for Aid to Refugees (OPU) has lodged a complaint against an unknown offender over a list of allegedly Muslim entrepreneurs seated in Teplice that has appeared on the Internet, OPU director Martin Rozumek has told CTK.
He said the author of the list has illegally handled other people’s private data, which could jeopardise the entrepreneurs and their families.
The OPU received the list of more than hundred names of Teplice entrepreneurs, including their addresses, by e-mail on Monday.
The list was headlined Islam – Entrepreneurs.
“The list, together with the hate e-mail text and some xenophobic supplements, has been spread via the Internet. In addition, it includes a map on which the houses and work premises of owners with Arab-sounding names are marked red. This may facilitate a possible attack on these persons and their homes,” the OPU said.
The spreading of such hate lists of persons must not go unpunished. They remind of the lists of Jews that emerged before WWII, Rozumek told CTK.
Teplice, with 50,000 inhabitants, is known for its spa popular among Arab clients.

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