Nachod, East Bohemia, March 26 (CTK) – The last part of the seven-part U.S.-British military convoy, including 550 soldiers and 125 vehicles, left the Czech Republic for Poland at the border crossing in Nachod after 15:00 yesterday, General Staff spokesman Jan Sulc has told CTK.
The first part left the Czech Republic before 11:00.
The convoy arrived in the Czech Republic from Germany on Saturday. It is heading for Poland where the U.S. and British troops will operate within an increased presence of NATO forces on the eastern wing of the alliance.
The soldiers spent last night in the barracks in Stara Boleslav, central Bohemia.
The first part of the convoy left the barracks at 07:00 yesterday. The troops continued on the D10 and D11 motorways eastward to Hradec Kralove and then to Jaromer and Nachod.
Like during the previous transfers of U.S. troops, groups of people were waiting for them along the roads and on bridges. Dozens of people welcomed them outside the barrack in Stara Boleslav as well.
Hundreds of people watched the convoy in the town of Nachod and at the border crossing yesterday.
No incidents or extraordinary situations occurred during the convoy’s passage across the Czech Republic, Sulc said.
Its transfer did not cause any serious traffic complications. The Polish police smoothly took over control over the convoy of military vehicles from their Czech counterparts.
The core of the convoy is created by the U.S. 2. Cavalry Regiment. The allies soldiers brought tens of Stryker, Hummer and Jackal armoured vehicles with them.
Three similar convoys crossed the Czech Republic in the past two years. Mainly the first of them drew a high attention. Though critical voices were heard before the convoy’s arrival, the American soldiers were welcomed by thousands of Czech supporters on their way and only small numbers of their opponents appeared.