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Czech News in English » News » National » Entertainment explosives sales should be tightened, justice minister says

Entertainment explosives sales should be tightened, justice minister says

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Predni Labska, East Bohemia, April 26 (CTK) – The sales of fireworks and similar other entertainment explosives should be guided by stricter rules in the Czech Republic, Justice Minister Robert Pelikan (ANO) and Supreme State Attorney Pavel Zeman said yesterday.
Pelikan and Zeman had talks with representatives of the German and Polish judiciary yesterday.
The participants in the meeting agreed on that the storing and sales of explosives in the Czech Republic should be more thoroughly supervised.
The judiciary representatives started to deal with the issue after the German police confiscated banned fireworks which were bought in the Czech Republic.
The explosives are often abused by extremists.
“In Germany and Poland, the sales of entertainment explosives are limited to a few last days in the year. We should consider following the model,” Pelikan said.
German police detained five people whom they suspected of an attack on migrants’ dormitories and the establishment of a far-right terrorist movement in Freital, near Dresden, Saxony, last week.
According to the prosecutor’s office, the group bought more than 100 pieces of entertainment explosives of various kind for the attacks in the Czech Republic.
The explosives that are illegal in Germany can be obtained at Czech market places.
The participants in the meeting also discussed the production and sales of drugs. The number of organised, mostly Vietnamese groups, who specialise in the production and sales of pervitin to Germany, has been rising.
“We know cases where the perpetrators are capable of producing and exporting to the Czech Republic up to 25 kilograms of the drug within 48 hours of the order being made,” Jakub Frydrych, director of the National Drug Central, said.
Pervitin is often made of medicines smuggled from Poland. Though the country tightened the sales of ephedrine-containing medicines last year, the measure has not yet been sufficiently reflected in the production of pervitin.

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