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Courts to release more verdicts electronically

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Brno, April 26 (CTK) – Czech district, regional and high courts do not sufficiently fulfil their duty to publish important verdicts electronically, the ombudsman’s office says in its annual report for 2016, which it released yesterday.

It said that in 2011-16, only 2875 verdicts by regional and high courts were releaesd in the Judikatura database.

Ombudsman Anna Sabatova has asked Justice Minister Robert Pelikan to create conditions for filling the central register of court verdicts.

The constitutional, supreme and supreme administrative courts have their own databases to display their decisions.

However, Sabatova said the release of other courts’ verdicts is also important so that higher instances can effectively unify their judgments and especially for law to be predictable and court decision-making transparent.

Sabatova mentioned Slovakia as a positive example in this respect.

In the Czech Republic, some verdicts are paradoxically posted in commercial systems, such as ASPI, but not in the Judikatura public database.

“We consider this incorrect, if not immoral,” Sabatova told journalists.

She said Pelikan has promised her to table the topic at a meeting of court chairpersons and that he will invite her to it.

Sabatova said anonymisation of the verdicts could be sovled by a new software.


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