Prague, April 26 (CTK) – Voter support for the Czech government parties, ANO and Social Democrats (CSSD), has slightly increased in April and four other parties would also cross the 5 percent parliamentary barrier, according to a STEM poll released to CTK yesterday.

The four parties are the Communists (KSCM), the rightist opposition Civic Democrats (ODS), the junior government Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) and the opposition conservative TOP 09.

The Mayors and Independents (STAN) movement would only gain 2 percent, which together with the KDU-CSL’s 7 percent would not allow the two parties’ coalition to enter the Chamber of Deputies since a two-member coalition needs 10 percent of the vote at least.

The two entities have agreed to run in coalition in the October general election. The KDU-CSL is yet to finally approve this at its congress in May.

Unlike in March, the extra-parliamentary Pirates would not tightly cross the 5 percent barrier in April similar to the opposition Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) movement of Tomio Okamura.

According to the poll, the KDU-CSL would now win 7.1 percent of the vote (0.5 percentage point less than in March), STAN would keep at 2.2 percent.

ANO would gain 28.3 percent (27 in March) and the CSSD would firm by 1.1 percent like in March to the current 16.6 percent.

The Communists lost 1.7 percentage points to 12.2 percent.

The ODS would gain 7.4 percent, adding 0.1 percentage point and exceed the KDU-CSL compared with March.

TOP 09 would win 6.4 percent of the vote, a loss of 0.3 percentage points from March.

The Pirates would gain 4.6 percent of the vote in April, which is 0.9 percentage points fewer than in March.

The SPD would be supported by 4.2 percent of voters.

The extra-parliamentary Greens would gain 4 percent compared with 2.6 percent in March.

The opposition Dawn dropped to 2.6 percent from 4.2 percent in March.

According to STEM, the incumbent government coalition (ANO, CSSD, KDU-CSL) would have a strong constitutional (minimally three-fifths) majority of 140 votes in the 200-seat Chamber of Deputies, which would be 12 votes more than in March.

ANO would have 80 seats, the CSSD 45 and the KDU-CSL 15 in the Chamber of Deputies.

The KSCM would have 30 deputies, the ODS 18 and TOP 09 12.

STEM based its election model on the presumption that 55 percent of voters would take part in the elections, which they said in the poll.

The poll was carried out on 1033 people on April 6-14. Twenty-three percent of the polled said they would not go to the polls and 22 percent were not yet decided.