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Gov’t approves strategy adaptation to climate change

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Prague, Oct 26 (CTK) – The Czech government approved a strategy for coping with the effects of climate change yesterday, within which a plan of particular steps to be taken and their estimated costs will be worked out by the end of next year, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka has told journalists.
“Our government is the first in (Czech) history that started taking climate change seriously,” Sobotka said.
He recalled that the government has already approved a strategy for fighting drought.
The Environment Ministry will prepare a national action plan of adaptation to climate change in order to propose measures that the state should adopt in agriculture, water management, transport, industry, tourism and other spheres.
The new strategy recommends that people reduce the use of drinking water, restore water meadows, grow less oilseed rape and maize, and more alfalfa and flax. As for transport, vehicles driven by natural gas, biofuel and electricity are preferred, as well as cycling and electrically driven public transport.
The strategy was worked out by the Environment Ministry in cooperation with meteorologists and other experts.
If no preventative measures were taken, high sums would have to be paid for the liquidation of the damage, the authors of the strategy write.
According to the strategy, the average temperature is to raise by one degree Centigrade in the Czech Republic by 2030 and the precipitation will change. In the warmest parts of the country, the vegetation period will be extended, from late March to late October, and the seeding of different plants will be advisable.
As for environment protection, the strategy puts an emphasis on water retention (building of small water reservoirs and irrigation systems) and anti-erosion measures.

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