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Czech News in English » News » National » Czech court sentences Vietnamese to 17 years for killing parents

Czech court sentences Vietnamese to 17 years for killing parents

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Prague, April 27 (CTK) – A Prague court sentenced a 22-year-old Vietnamese man to 17 years in prison yesterday for stabbing his parents to death in their grocer’s shop last year.
He later took the corpses to a forest and set them on fire. Afterwards he repeatedly drove over them with a car and hid the remains in a bush.
For the double murder he faced up to a life sentence.
The final verdict is milder thanks to the opinion of experts who said the perpetrator has a good chance of social reintegration after he completes his prison sentence.
“I feel very sorry about it, mainly because of my brother, who is a secondary school student and has to tackle everything alone now. One has only one couple of parents, and what I did is simply inexcusable,” the suspect told the court.
He asked the judge not to sentence him to expulsion from the Czech Republic, as he has lived in the country for almost all his life, though he was born in Germany.
The court met this request.
The Vietnamese couple died in the private premises of their shop in the Prague 5 district on August 31, 2015.
First, their son stabbed the father and later also the mother when she discovered her husband’s lifeless body.
The murderer told the court that his father rebuked him for undone work, which is why he lashed out at him with a knife.
He said the parents often physically punished him unsubstantially and they were angry with him because he had given up university studies.

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