Prague, April 27 (CTK) – The USA can send again its B-1B and B-52 strategic bombers for this year’s Ample Strike international war games that is to train the cooperation of aircraft crews and forward air controllers, its press and information department head Denisa Vernerova told journalists yesterday.

Along with Czech troops, there will be soldiers from 19 militaries, while others may follow suit, Vernerova said.

Over 1,000 soldiers will be trained within the Ample Strike 2017 between August 23 and September 12, Vernerova said.

Representatives of NATO and partnership countries discussed details of the planned exercise at their conference on Tuesday and Wednesday.

They spoke about the plan of the air and ground forces parts of the war games and conditions of their logistics.

“The main objective is to harmonise the training of forward air controllers and commanders of ground forces in a multinational environment,” Vernerova said.

The pilots will also train in-flight refuelling and the Czech military its capability to provide logistics to allied troops, she added.

The numbers will be similar to those of last year, Vernerova said.

“Out of the over 1,000 trained soldiers, some 400 are to be from the allied and partnership countries and another 200 from the Czech Active Reserve,” she added.

“So far, participation has been confirmed by 19 countries and talks with other countries are still underway,” Vernerova said.

Along with Czech aircraft, there will be also the Polish Sukhoi Su-22s and German Tornadoes.

“The Americans have promised the B-1B and B-52 strategic bombers that will operate from their home base in Britain,” Vernerova said.