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Czech News in English » News » National » Activists demonstrate against NATO membership

Activists demonstrate against NATO membership

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Prague, Sept 28 (CTK) – Some 100 people attended a rally that demanded the Czech Republic’s leaving NATO and that was organised by the No to Bases group in the Wenceslas Square in the Prague centre yesterday.
The activists said NATO was a criminal organisation and demanded that the Czech military withdrew from aggressive foreign missions.
They said some Czech politicians who had insisted on Czech NATO membership were traitors.
“Let us cancel NATO!” Communist (KSCM) member of the Chamber of Deputies, Marta Semelova, told the crowd.
Speaking on behalf of the KSCM deputy group, Semelova said it would still reject the entry to NATO and that leaving NATO would be its programme.
“We want to cancel NATO as it is a militant criminal pact. It should not have any place in this world,” Semelova said.
“We reject the dictatorship of (Vaclav) Havel, (Alexandr) Vondra, (Vaclav) Klaus and other traitors who then pushed us into the North Atlantic Alliance,” activist Jan Koral, from the organisation against the new world order, said.
Havel was the first Czech president (1993-2003), followed by Klaus (2003-2013). Vondra was Czech defence minister in 2010-2012 and foreign minister in 2006-2007.
Koral went to name a number of other Czech defence ministers, starting with Miloslav Vyborny and ending with current Martin Stropnicky who, as he said, should be tried over treason.
No to Bases spokeswoman Eva Novotna also read a resolution for lawmakers and the government. It has asked them to add an article for the defence of peace to the Czech constitution.
The protesters waved the banners saying “War? Not in Our Name,” “Out of NATO,” and “Ukraine in NATO = war in Europe.”

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