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Ex-PM’s wife to pay high additional tax on luxurious gifts

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Prague, Sept 29 (CTK) – The Czech Financial Office has ordered Jana Necasova, the wife of former PM Petr Necas, to pay a tax of 706,000 crowns on luxurious gifts she received from businesspeople and state firm managers in her former capacity as chief of the PM’s office, server writes yesterday.
Necasova’s surname as Necas’s chief aide in 2010-2013 was Nagyova. A scandal concerning her suspected unlawful activities toppled the government in June 2013. Necas married Nagyova later in the same year.
Necasova has been prosecuted in several separate cases, one being suspected tax evasion related to her untaxed reception of luxurious gifts including jewels, handbags and clothes in 2012-2013.
The most expensive of the gifts was a Cartier pearl necklace worth over one million crowns, writes.
Neither the state attorney in charge of the case, Pavel Komar, nor Necasova’s defence counsel Edvard Bruna have denied the information about the additional tax imposed on her, but they would not give any details, the server writes.
According to the media, the police have identified 12 of the donors involved. They include Daniel Benes, head of the giant state-co-owned CEZ energy utility, billionaire Daniel Kretinsky, former minister Tomas Chalupa, Vladimir Tosovsky, head of the board of directors of the CEPS energy transmission company, lobbyist Vladimir Johanes and Martin Horak, former senior representative of the Prague Public Transport Company.
Many suspected donors, however, dismiss having bought luxurious gifts for Necasova.
The police believe that the gifts were meant as bribes to help influential people keep their posts in state or municipal companies or gain access to former prime minister Necas.
Originally, the state attorneys wanted to accuse Necasova of corruption, but they failed to gather evidence for this.
Necasova would face up to eight years in jail, if found guilty of tax evasion.
In separate proceedings in May, a court acquitted Necasova of abuse of the military intelligence service (VZ) by tasking it to spy on Radka Necasova, who was Necas’s wife, in 2012.
In another case, Jana and Petr Necas have been accused of assisting in the bribing of three lawmakers.
Moreover, Jana Necasova’s name also figures in the case of a suspected leak of information from the counter-intelligence service (BIS).
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