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Health insurers should cover foreign children check-ups

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Prague, Aug 28 (CTK) – MP Jitka Chalankova (TOP 09) will propose in an amendment to the law on foreigners’ stay that Czech health insurance companies immediately cover preventive check-ups of foreigners’ children sent to children’s homes after entering the Czech Republic, she said in a press release Friday.
Under the current law, health insurers cover health care of these children only when a preliminary ruling on them comes into legal force. It means at least a two-week delay since the children’s admission in institutional care, Chalankova said.
However, a preventive medical examination is crucial to rule out possible illnesses of foreigners’ children before they get in touch with their peers, she added.
“More and more paediatricians and children’s home representatives are asking me how they should proceed in the admission of children of foreigners, including refugees. There are tens of such children now, but their numbers will definitely rise in the future as a consequence of the immigrants’ influx. We must be able to provide immediate preventive health care for these children,” Chalankova said.
She also said if the government proposed a solution to this problem, she would support it.
Chalankova added that she would now turn to deputies from other parties to seek support for the respective change to take effect as soon as possible.

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