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Dog meat “sold” in Prague in protest against Christmas carp

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Prague, Dec 10 (CTK) – Activists from the 269life group were asking passers-by to buy “Christmas dogs” within the protest against the traditional Christmas sale and killing of carp in Prague streets Saturday.
269life is an animal liberation movement, established in October 2012.[
Carp has been a favourite Christmas Eve meal since the late 19th century in the Czech Republic. It is sold at stands in the streets of towns and villages.
Activists have repeatedly protested against its killing in Prague, Brno and other towns.
This time, the organisers put on display false meat on which they poured sugar beet syrup similar to blood on the corner of two streets in Prague.
Then they placed a dog on the counter, offering it to the “passers-by.”
Other activists were distributing pieces of gluten looking like meat and flyers with a price list for various services.
They demanded 30 crowns for the killing and another five crowns for the disemboweling of the dog.
However, no harm was done to any dog as the activists only made a hoax.
Most of the passers-by reacted by smiles, while others looked away, disgusted by the “dog meat.”
The activists then explained to them that there was no difference between having carp or dog meat on the Christmas table.
“The scientific knowledge has revealed that fish feel pain and stress similarly to dogs,” the flyers distributed to the crowd said.
They also warned that when hauled, the fish is kept in small vets where it cannot move and is often injured, suffering from serious pain.
($1 = 25.588 crowns)

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