Prague, April 24 (CTK) – Inscriptions having probably neo-Nazi symbolism appeared at several places in Prague during the night and Echo24 server wrote yesterday that the authors attacked catering and other facilities fighting hate in society.
Police spokesman Tomas Hulan told CTK that the Prague police have been investigating four such cases and that the content of the inscriptions will be examined by extremism experts.
According to Echo24, the vandals damaged a cafe promoting multiculturalism and a shop selling underwear which also strives to fight for a society without prejudices.
The cafe was sprayed with a red colour and painted with symbols connected with the extreme right.
“Stickers with the inscription ‘Anti-antifa’ which popular ite among far-right radicals, appeared close to the cafe,” Echo wrote.
Sprayed inscriptions reading “Antifa will pay” and “Refugees, clear off” were reported in the hall of a Prague metro station according to the media.