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MfD: Prague Jews have early warning system against terrorists

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Prague, Aug 29 (CTK) – The Prague Jewish community has a special system of early warning against a terrorist attack, the owner of a kosher restaurant told yesterday’s issue of daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) and added that Jewish restaurants and shops can provide for the safety of their customers and employees.
The restaurant owner, Aaron Guensberger, was one of the first to run to Prague’s Old Town Square where mock shooting during a “performance” by anti-Islam activists terrified tourists as well as locals a week ago.
“I needed to analyse what was happening there,” he said. “I could warn people in the Old Town to lock their shops, pull down the roller shutters and hide people in the cellar,” Guensberger said.
When he found out that it was nothing but a demonstration, he sent out the message saying “nothing threatens us,” MfD writes.
However, the Jews can quickly exchange information in case of a real threat in a way whose principle is similar to the communication applications in mobile telephones, Guensberger said.
“For us, this is a matter of survival,” he said, adding that Islamic terrorists have been attacking Jews in Europe since the 1950s.
“If you are a Jew and have a Jewish restaurant, you are target number one,” Guensberger said.
He said that is why the Prague Jewish community has people with a special training and it heavily invests in security measures and facilities.
This Jewish “home defence” also cooperates with the police, Guensberger said.
He said the security measures apply not only to the historical Jewish neighbourhood, but also more remote buildings in the city.

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