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Eggstreme shortage

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Eggs are off the menu in the Czech Republic. Due to the enforcement of a recent EU r’egg’ulation (sorry, the pun was irresistible), the Czech market has seen a major shortage of eggs for sale. The EU ruling aims to improve living standards for egg laying chickens, stating that farmers must allow at least 750 cm2 of space for each bird.

Many EU members have so far failed to enforce the new standards which recently led the Czech government to enforce a ban on egg imports from any country that is not compliant. Over the last few days, retail outlets have found it increasingly difficult to keep their shops stocked and prices have risen incredibly to a record of 64.9 Czech crowns for a box of 10.

The EU ruling is also effecting other countries including Poland, a major egg exporter to the Czech Republic, who are now under a Czech embargo. Romania has reported egg prices increasing by 50% in just one week. In the UK, wholesale prices have more than doubled in some cases. In France, there are even fears that some cake production plants may have to close temporarily.

The scramble for eggs looks set to continue as the changes in egg farming will lead to increased cost and decreased production which is likely to force retail prices higher long term. In the coming months, fines will be enforced by the EU on countries that are still not compliant.

We applaud the European Union for improving living conditions and treatment of farm animals, we just hope that they don’t end up with an egg in their face.

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