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Failed coup in Turkey may strengthen Erdogan, Czech experts say

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Prague, July 16 (CTK) – The failed night attempt to topple the regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan by part of the military might strengthen his authoritarian governance, experts addressed by CTK agreed Saturday.
MP and sociologist Ivan Gabal said the failed coup would have very hard consequences. The Turkey-EU relations will change, too, he added.
“Everything shows that a revenge will be taken, the situation will deflect towards an authoritarian regime and not towards a dialogue,” Gabal told CTK.
A deep internal crisis, in which Turkey has been for several years, surfaced in the night. Instead of seeking a compromise, Erdogan’s rule will be strengthened, Gabal pointed out.
Yet Turkey is one of the few countries in the region with internal democratic institutions, which the agreement between Ankara and the EU on softening impact of the migrant crisis mentions.
“It (Turkey) includes strong parameters of internal democracy,” Gabal pointed out.
Despite a tendency to authoritarian regime, Turkey must keep a balanced position in relation to the EU and help with refugees, which might change, however, Gabal said, reminding of a recent twist in relations between Ankara and Moscow.
The EU-Turkey talks will face complications, Jakub Sok, from the European Values think tank, said.
Erdogan will probably attempt to change the governance into a presidential model and will keep striving for the strongest possible power, Sok added.
He dismissed the speculations that Erdogan had organised the failed coup himself. “It is improbable that so many people would voluntarily participate in it,” he said, adding that the putschists would probably face capital punishment.
However, it is possible that the government anticipated the coup, but did not interfere earlier for a later retaliation, Sok added.
The Turkish government forces succeeded in frustrating an attempt at a military coup that erupted on Friday night and took control of the military. At least 161 people died and 1440 were wounded during the attempted coup. A total of 2839 putschists, allegedly mainly from the air force, the police and some tank divisions, were detained.

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