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Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Alex is a writer and trader living in Prague. He likes economics, anthropology, and cactuses.


A report from the Czech Psychiatric Society suggests that up to 20% of people who have contracted the coronavirus eventually experience depression and/or insomnia after the virus has left their body.  Martin Anders, vice-president of the CPS and head of the Psychiatric Clinic at General University Hospital, said that he observed this phenomenon with his patients, as well as himself.  “The reports show that up to 20% of those who have contracted COVID-19 experience psychological problems. Most often its anxiety, depression, or sleep disorders.”  “I’ve noticed it myself. After I had COVID-19, I went through 2 weeks of complete insomnia.” Anders says that COVID-19 causes a spike in the immune system that releases cytokine proteins, which are the likely causeContinue Reading

Ski resorts have been forced to turn off the chairlifts and shut down completely to comply with COVID-19 restrictions. Disregarding the pandemic, Czechs are committing the ultimate sin of having fun in the snow.  Approximately 300 people, mostly young families, are showing up for sledding and skiing at the Monínec ski area near Příbram every day. With the chairlifts down, they’re just hiking to the top of the mountain and then skiing back down.   Jaroslav Krejčí, director of the resort, said, “It’s total chaos here. There are more people here when it’s closed than when it’s open.” Unlike some other countries, in the Czech Republic, mountain resorts technically don’t have the right to ban people from entering the mountains sinceContinue Reading

One of the ways in which the Czechs lead the entire world is their strict dedication to delicious Christmas pastries. “Vánoční cukroví,” or “Christmas cookies” in English, are not just a comforting indulgence for the holidays, but an important skill and social custom that bonds people together. With the amount of love they put into it, it’s rude and selfish to turn down a Czech grandma who offers you cukroví, so don’t even think about it. It doesn’t matter if you’re already full, on a diet, or diabetic. You better grab at least 3 of those cookies. Usually, vánoční cukroví come in large assortments so choosing which one you want can be nerve-wracking. To help narrow things down, here are theContinue Reading

Just like most things, people living in the Heart of Europe will see higher prices on tap water going into 2021. Due to a massive drop in water consumption during COVID-19, Prague residents are expected to pay 92.36 Kč per cubic meter of water next year, which is a rise of 7.3% compared to last year.  Tomáš Mrázek of Prague Waterworks and Sewage (PVK), the company in charge of the city’s water system, says that the country’s capital was more affected by the drop in water consumption than anywhere in the Czech Republic. “The increase in price mostly because of a huge drop in invoice volumes which regulated costs are calculated from. These will only increase due to inflation. TheContinue Reading

When prime minister Andrej Babiš got the vaccine on camera to kick off the Czech Republic’s vaccine program, he mentioned there would be a “campaign” to encourage citizens into getting the vaccine. The next day, a number of Czech associations released a promotional commercial for getting the vaccine in order to help the Czech government prepare for the release of a nationwide campaign. The commercial features a montage of Czech people doing regular things that are now banned while a male narrator recites a classic Czech poem called Jitřní píseň (Host do domu) or in English “Morning Song (Guest to the House),” written in 1921 by Jiří Wolker, one of the founding members of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (KSČ).Continue Reading

Coronavirus vaccination has officially rolled out in the Czech Republic, with an initial amount of 9,750 vaccines getting deployed on December 27. The first doses went to high priority recipients like paramedics and health care workers treating those with COVID-19.  As a show of encouragement for anyone skeptical, prime minister Andrej Babiš took the jab on camera in Prague, after saying a few words to the country.  “This year has certainly been the worst in our modern history. An awful lot of our fellow citizens died from COVID-19, it had a profound effect on our lives and this vaccine that just came from the EU yesterday is hope that we will return to normal life.” Getting the vaccine alongside theContinue Reading

One thing that is positively “Czech” is the ancient pastime of mushroom picking, convincing some to even refer to it as the “national sport.”  Czechs have been picking mushrooms or “mushrooming” since the dawn of the country. And to this day, at least 2/3rds of the population go mushrooming at least once every single year. Every autumn, certain troves of forest floor start flourishing with mushrooms, and Czechs venture out to scoop up all the best loot (tax-free!).  The best mushrooming sessions are done with a local expert, or at least a mushroom identifying app to figure out which ones are good and which ones will kill you. As the Czechs sometimes say, “All of them are edible, but some ofContinue Reading

Milan Kubek, president of the Czech Medical Chamber, penned a letter to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and Minister of Health Jan Blatný urging them to tighten COVID-19 restrictions before it’s too late. Kubek argues that another wave of COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic, which has potentially already started, could overwhelm hospitals and result in thousands of unnecessary deaths. He says that the only reason the country survived the summer was because of the quick strict action of the government, something was absent during the autumn onslaught of cases. “Thanks to the quick and decisive reaction of the government (in the summer), who, at the time showed great courage in taking tough and effective anti-epidemic measures, we managed to getContinue Reading

The Czech Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová made a 1:40 minute video promoting government bonds as the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas, noting that a bond is a “smart gift” that “doesn’t get boring after a while.”  In a video posted to social media, Schillerová told followers that if they’re having trouble figuring out what to put under the Christmas tree this year, she’s got them covered.  “For those of you who are looking for a practical gift for parents or friends, the Bond of the Republic may be the right choice,” she said. Schillerová reminded followers that there were two different types of bonds to choose from depending on what’s right for their loved ones.  “It’s a gift thatContinue Reading

Next time you book a vacation, make sure you do all your due diligence first. A group of South Moravian vacationers lost 1.5 million Kč getting caught up in a fake advertisement for an alpine getaway in the Austrian Alps.  The demand for vacation rentals has been skyrocketing in the Czech Republic the past year, as COVID-19 restrictions prevent people from traveling, forcing them to stay within their own borders or getting short term rentals in their neighbouring countries. Scammers are taking advantage of this trend by littering the internet with fake ads for cottages and getaways that either don’t exist or don’t belong to them.  David Chaloupka, a spokesman for the police said that “a week of recreation toContinue Reading