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Czech News in English » Business » Manifesto partners with Adyen to bring the payments experience in the food industry to a new level

Manifesto partners with Adyen to bring the payments experience in the food industry to a new level

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Prague/Amsterdam, April 28, 2021 – Adyen supports Manifesto, an end-to-end solution food hall and ghost kitchen brand, in creating a personalized and more customer-oriented payments experience in restaurants. Manifesto, the food hall innovation leader, is switching to a new payment solution. All the company’s in-market and online payments will now be managed by Adyen, the payments platform of choice for many of the world’s leading companies. Manifesto is one of the first fully cashless gastronomic experiences and plans to operate in 4 countries in the near future.

Amsterdam-based Adyen was chosen by Manifesto due to its ability to open the potential for personalized interactions with the customers based on their preferences. Adyen provides a 360 cutting-edge payments infrastructure: e.g. cashless payments, loyalty programs, local payment methods like Apple Pay on their POS terminals.

Personalizing the Interaction

Manifesto will be able to use technology to personalize the interaction with its customers with an omnichannel approach. With customer payment data from its online and offline marketplace, held in the same system, Manifesto can potentially recognize customers wherever they are, better understand their habits and preferences and thus, serve them with exceptional experiences.

“Manifesto is dedicated to offering a fluid online-2-offline experience and to pioneer new solutions, with partners like Adyen able to join us as we enter new markets in the EU and the US. Manifesto was started as the first cashless food hub in the Czech Republic and has always been pioneering new solutions. We are driven by data and technology in our daily operations, planning and decision making, and need partners who are flexible and able to embrace our vision which is always one step ahead of what existing products and solutions currently offer. This is how we push innovations for the whole industry,” summarizes Martin Barry, Founder and CEO of Manifesto.

“We’re excited to partner with a tech-savvy brand like Manifesto that acts with such vision and recognizes the role of payments and Unified Commerce as strategic driver of success. The partnership of Manifesto, a love brand with international reach, and our platform payment technology brings a new, innovative solution to the food market and helps unlock the power of personalization,” adds Jakub Czerwiński, VP CEE, Adyen

Digitalization allows customers to choose how and when they would like to interact with the brand through every step of customer journey. It also helps to understand customers and learn where they need us more, e.g. help Manifesto to make the right choice when opening new locations.

The companies are planning to expand their cooperation and enable the full potential of Unified Commerce.

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