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One-tenth of Czechs buy organic food, poll shows

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Prague, Aug 10 (CTK) – One-tenth of people in the Czech Republic often buy organic food and 43 percent do so from time to time, while seven in ten are not interested in it, according to a CVVM poll conducted in June and released today.

People buy foodstuffs produced by farmers mostly because they do not contain chemicals, which four-fifths of the respondents say.

One-third of the polled say they are interested in organic food, while women prevail in this group. People aged between 30 and 44 years express the biggest interest in organic food, while those with bad livings standards show the lowest interest in this.

Ten percent of respondents often buys organic food in shops, but they rarely prefer such product. None of the respondents say they always buy organic products. Forty-two percent never dos so.

People buy organic food most frequently because of their health. Most of them are of the view that such products are not chemically treated. The effort to live healthily is the main reason for 15 percent and 9 percent claim they buy organic food because of its high quality and a guarantee of good living conditions of farm animals. Five percent say a better taste plays the main role in their decision to buy organic food.

According to the data of the Agriculture Ministry, the organic food consumption in the Czech Republic increased by 11.4 percent year-on-year in 2015. People spent 2.25 billion crowns on it, which was 213 crowns per capita on average. This was the highest sum since 2008.

The Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information (IAEI) says organic food makes up 0.81 percent of the total food and beverage consumption in the Czech Republic.


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