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Poll: State should more care for families with children

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Prague, March 14 (CTK) – Forty-seven percent of Czechs are of the view that the Czech government does not sufficiently care for the social situation of families with children, which is 5 percent points fewer than in 2014 and 15 percentage points fewer than in 2013, according to a CVVM poll released yesterday.
On the contrary, 44 percent of the polled consider the state care for families with children sufficient, which means a 7-percentage point rise since the previous poll.
Only 3 percent of respondents are of the view that the state supports families with children too much.
Women and people who consider their households’ living standards low as well as left-wingers assess the state care for the situation of the families with children worse than other respondents, while university graduates assess the government family policy better than other groups.
Asked about the implementation of particular measures in the government family policy, some 91 percent of Czechs agree with support for flexible working hours and part-time jobs for parents.
Besides, most Czechs would also welcome youth clubs operating in every school after classes, lower taxes for people with underage children, paternity leave and a higher number of kindergartens.
Eighty-four percent of Czechs would like higher child benefits, while a joint taxation of married couples, across-the-board birth allowance and child benefits regardless of the parents’ income, flexible parental leave and a higher number of nurseries for children under three years enjoy lower support.
Nevertheless, all of these proposals are supported by an absolute majority of Czechs.
The poll was conducted on a sample of 1080 respondents from February 8 to 15.

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