Brno, June 21 (CTK) – Experts from Mendel University in Brno are mapping endangered trees in the Czech Republic with support from Norwegian, Icelandic and Liechtenstein grants, Lubos Uradnicek, from the university, has told CTK and said the aim is to issue the Red Book of Woody Species of the Czech Republic.
The project has a budget of 9.6 million crowns.
Based on the Red Book, a decree of 1992 may be adjusted. Experts from Mendel University say many endangered species are not included in the decree.
The species’ fruits and seeds are collected mainly on the territory of the School Forest Company, Masaryk Forest Krtiny, and possibly also the biospheric reserve Dolni Morava, partner of the project, both in south Moravia.
Two greenhouses have bee built in Krtiny for reproducing woody species.
The grown plants will be used to reinforce the existing populations, possibly renew the vanished populations in nature.
It will be also possible to apply the knowledge gained in salvation programmes across the Czech Republic.
The scientists continuously release the information gained
($1=23.877 crowns)